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Wound-Field DC Motor Features & Benefits Wound-Field DC motor features and benefits are listed here for series wound, split series wound, shunt wound and compound wound DC motors. Contact DC Motors Inc. for more information and for recommendations on the wound-field DC motor best suited for your application. Rugged Construction Heavy duty cast iron or […]

ButlerWire com


Werner Kruschel founded Butler Wire & Metal Products, Inc. in 1966 in a rented garage in Butler, Wisconsin, after working in the wire-bending industry for 5 years. After only 2 years, Kruschel bought his first commercial building in the industrial section of Butler (part of the greater Milwaukee “Machine Shop of America”). A year later […]


c&s manufacturing

C & S Manufacturing Corporation was founded in 1962 by John D. Collins who worked for many years as a Heating Contractor. After obtaining a patent on his unique “Basset Bracket” the company was dedicated to the manufacturing and selling of time and labor saving products, initially for the HVAC industry. As business grew and […]

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