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Wound-Field DC Motor Features & Benefits

Wound-Field DC motor features and benefits are listed here for series wound, split series wound, shunt wound and compound wound DC motors.

Contact DC Motors Inc. for more information and for recommendations on the wound-field DC motor best suited for your application.

Rugged Construction

Heavy duty cast iron or die cast aluminum brackets, precision machined to provide uniform air gap alignment and to give rigid bearing support. Welded on rigid base allows all angle operation.

Brush Design

Excellent commutation even under adverse conditions. Brush pressures carefully controlled for quite efficient operation. Ease of brush replacement provides minimum maintenance time. Two pole design provides excellent commutation even under adverse conditions.


Normal Class insulation for high thermal and electric characteristics.

Internal Ventilation

Internal fan and unique stator design supplies maximum air flow over the field coils and across the armature in open drip proof design.

Laminated Stator Field and Armature Construction

Provides high efficiencies and lower losses. Available with series, split series, shunt and compound windings, allowing maximum variation for the performance best suited to your application.

Dynamically Balanced Armature

Armatures are dynamically balanced to provide smooth vibration-free operation, and to reduce axial bearing loading. Armatures are dipped and baked in Class F insulating varnish, insuring maximum stress protection and maintenance-free life.

High Armature Skew

Designed specifically for optimum performance at low speeds. Provides quiet operation and minimizes cogging on S.C.R. controls.

Ball Bearing Design

Precision ball bearings prelubricated with high temperature grease.

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ButlerWire com

Werner Kruschel founded Butler Wire & Metal Products, Inc. in 1966 in a rented garage in Butler, Wisconsin, after working in the wire-bending industry for 5 years. After only 2 years, Kruschel bought his first commercial building in the industrial section of Butler (part of the greater Milwaukee “Machine Shop of America”). A year later he added on and the company quickly outgrew that building.

The company grew through various Butler-area facilities through the 70s and 80s and settled in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin in 1990. The Bobolink Avenue facility Butler Wire & Metal Products, Inc. occupied in the 90s is right next door to the new 36,000 sq. ft. facility built by the second generation of family owners in 1997.

We are a wire job shop and we produce custom welded wire mesh, wire forms, displays, guards, baskets and more. If it involves wire, we’ll do it.

We have an in-house machine shop and tool and die capabilities for tooling and fixturing, plus state-of-the-art CNC machining equipment and experience. Our design/tooling team has over 40 years of combined experience. Our full-time tool and die person has over 40 years experience in the wire business.


Butler Wire & Metal Products, Inc
N60 W15288 Bobolink Ave.
Menomonee Falls, WI 53051

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C & S Manufacturing Corporation was founded in 1962 by John D. Collins who worked for many years as a Heating Contractor. After obtaining a patent on his unique “Basset Bracket” the company was dedicated to the manufacturing and selling of time and labor saving products, initially for the HVAC industry. As business grew and new labor savings ideas were developed, the company expanded into the plumbing industry with similar labor saving and code required products. The Basset Products Line of C & S Manufacturing is well known in these industries and is now stocked by over 2,500 Plumbing and HVAC wholesalers throughout the country.

As C & S became established in the HVAC industry, custom manufacturing opportunities arose, including sizeable contracts to manufacture metal handles.

C & S Manufacturing Corporation is a family owned and managed business and our customers are our extension of that family.

c&s manufacturing

C & S Manufacturing Corporation
1052 S. Neenah Avenue
P.O. Box 736
Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235

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Welcome to 30SecondCommercials

Welcome to . We acquit video workshops so you will be able to produce your personal video recording, utilizing Video Cameras, Smart Phones and even digital cameras to shoot video. These workshops are hands on event, thus you can learn and exercise what you acquire.Different types of workshops are.

  • Basic Video Editing Workshop
  • Video Production Considerations Workshop
  • Video Selfies Workshop
  • Video Blogging Workshop
  • Basic Video Shooting Workshop
  • Intermediate Video Shooting Workshop
  • Advanced Video Shooting Workshop