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December 2, 2016

Wound-Field DC Motors Features & Benefits

Wound-Field DC motors features and benefits are listed here for series wound, split series wound, shunt-wound and compound wound DC motors.

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Rugged Construction

Heavy-duty cast iron or die-cast aluminum brackets, precision machined to provide uniform air gap alignment and to give rigid bearing support. Welded on a rigid base allows all angle operation.

Brush Design

Excellent commutation even under adverse conditions. Brush pressures are carefully controlled for quite efficient operation. Ease of brush replacement provides minimum maintenance time. Two pole design provides excellent commutation even under adverse conditions.


Normal Class insulation for high thermal and electric characteristics.

Internal Ventilation

Internal fan and unique stator design supplies maximum airflow over the field coils and across the armature in an open drip-proof design.

Laminated Stator Field and Armature Construction

Provides high efficiencies and lower losses. Available with series, split series, shunt, and compound windings allowing maximum variation for the performance best suited to your application.

Dynamically Balanced Armature

Armatures are dynamically balanced to provide smooth vibration-free operation and to reduce axial bearing loading. Armatures are dipped and baked in Class F insulating varnish, insuring maximum stress protection and maintenance-free life.

High Armature Skew

Designed specifically for optimum performance at low speeds. Provides quiet operation and minimizes cogging on S.C.R. controls.

Ball Bearing Design

Precision ball bearings pre-lubricated with high-temperature grease.

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