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Patriot Landscape

October 25, 2021

Patriot Landscape Co. specializes in Commercial and Residential lawn care and landscaping.

Residential and Commercial Lawn Care Services

We offer the following:

  • Cuts to cleanup and get neglected lots in shape.
  • Scheduled cuts, as-needed or on a frequency you determine.
  • Edging Trims to keep your sidewalks open with clean lines.
  • Tree trimming to prevent pedestrian accidents from low branches and to improve the visibility of your business.
  • Weed and Feed Applications.  We advocate judicious use of fertilizer and herbicides to promote healthy grass and control weeds.  We don’t recommend overdoing it.  Some services will sell anything.  Not us.  For example, there is absolutely no point in using pesticides over your entire lawn.  Healthy lawns are filled with bugs and microbes…they are the signs your grass and soil are, indeed, healthy.  If you have a particular insect problem, we’ll help you with that specifically.
  • Seeding.   We can seed bare areas.  We can quote watering too.
  • Raking.   If debris is a serious concern, we’ll work with you.

We use quality fertilizers, both organic and synthetic (inorganic). Traditionally-fed lawns focus on feeding the grass plant directly.  Organic programs focus on feeding the soil organisms and building the soil structure that the grass plant and the soil organisms live in, which in turn feeds the grass plant.   Slow-release or controlled-release nitrogen fertilizers are suggested for most application periods using traditional products. These are available in both dry and liquid forms.  Liquids can be slow-release.

Regardless of what type of work you are considering having done, you’ll find us responsive to your requests and needs.  We believe the best way to sell is to make it easy for you to buy.  The best way to grow is to keep customers happy.

The best way to contact Patriot Landscape Co. LLC is by phone or email, or via the Contact Us form on their website.  

You may also find us on Social media, including the following:

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Patriot Landscape

Patriot Landscape Co. LLC
9226 West Flagg Avenue
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53225

We welcome your comments, questions and suggestions.  Please contact us with questions.  Best to callemail or visit our site for best response.  We do invite you to engage with us on social media (just not for immediate needs).

As always, if you like, you will find us on the following social media sites, among many others:

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