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Church Metal

October 11, 2021

Church Metal Spinning Co.

Church Metal Spinning Company is a contract manufacturer serving OEM’s and primary OEM suppliers. We provide prototype and short run production quantities using our mix of metal fabrication skills: metal spinning, laser cutting, press forming and welding.

We recognize that our customer’s success drives our success. Thus, we work with you to provide the best possible metal fabrication solution. If we aren’t able to provide you with the best solution, we will refer you to companies that can service your metal fabrication needs.

We specialize in 20 gauge (.036″) to 1/4″ Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum. Our customers manufacture industrial products including engines, mechanical drives, air intake and exhaust systems, packaging equipment, process flow and containment systems, electrical transmission components, fire suppression products, mining equipment, other off road vehicles and specialized plumbing parts.  We also serve architectural and furniture manufacturers.

The best way to contact Church Metal Spinning Co. is by phone or email, or via the Contact Us form on their website.  

You may also find us on Social media, including the following:

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Church Metal Spinning Co.
5050 North 124th Street Milwaukee, WI 53225
(414) 461-6460

We welcome your comments, questions and suggestions.  Please contact us with questions.  Best to callemail or visit our site for best response.  We do invite you to engage with us on social media (just not for immediate needs).

As always, if you like, you will find us on the following social media sites, among many others:

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